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Men's White Tuxedo Dinner SUIT - Black Shawl Lapel
Men Formal White Polyester Trousers
Men Formal Black Polyester Trousers
Men's White Tuxedo Dinner SUIT - Black Shawl Lapel

Men's White Tuxedo Dinner SUIT - Black Shawl Lapel

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Brand: Scuzzatti

Style: Slim fit (cut closer to the body, narrower and a tighter fit in the arms, chest and waist area)

This White Tuxedo Dinner SUIT is an elegant design stylish that suitable for parties, weddings, proms and other formalities. It is a perfect gift for a father, brother or boyfriend.

White Tuxedo Dinner SUIT is a collection every man should have. This classy and stateful White Tuxedo Dinner SUIT will make a statement with a good lasting impression. Must have male fashion at a discounted value which is hard to match. 

You can wear this White Tuxedo Dinner SUIT with either both White or Black Trousers.

* After selecting your trousers size please send us a message and state your colour choice, Black or White.

- 1 buttons closure
- 1 chest pocket
- 2 front flaps pockets
- 2 inside pockets
- Double vents

Please note:  
The difference between the jacket and trousers is always 6 sizes, whether the suit is slim-fitting or regular cut. For example, if you're a 40 regular chest, you will receive 34 regular pairs of trousers.

Materials: 100% Polyester 

Dry Clean Only